Nube iO is powered by Node-Red

Open source software is software with a source code that is accessible to the public. This means that people can modify parts of the software for their own use, and contribute back to the origins of the software.

Node Red is a visual programming tool utilising open source software which allows developers and installers to connect and interface with their software and hardware for new projects.

Nube iO uses Node-Red to provide an easy to learn and easy to use interface. Rather than requiring users to install a complicated piece of software onto their laptop, Node-Red is accessible via your web-browser and runs on the Edge Gateway. Meaning there is nothing to install and nothing to update, ever.

Node-Red, unlike other BMS programming software, is a visual-programming interface, allowing users to drag and drop connections and ‘wire them together’. This reduces the amount of training and knowledge required to get a controller doing what you want it to do, while also still allowing the user to write functions; allowing complicated custom schedules and controls.

Use of this software allows Nube iO to grow and develop more advanced software applications, without overcomplicating the programming interface. Being built by IBM, it has the backing of a large organisation, making it reliable, secure and supported.