Nube iO EMS solution using Haystack Tagging for Harbord Diggers Freshwater

About Nube iO

Nube iO is an end-to-end data extraction solution enabling business owners to reduce trade servicing costs, improve comfort conditions and save energy by reducing cost barriers in commercial buildings. Our key focus includes: 

  • Data extraction: Nube iO provides a ‘data pipe’ from the building to the cloud. All building data is seamlessly integrated into one system, which becomes available through cloud applications
  • Integration: Nube iO’s controller can communicate in a number of protocols, which enables Nube iO to integrate with 3rd party BMS solutions, allowing monitoring and control of all building assets without the burden of having to replace existing hardware

The Project

Nube iO has created an Energy Management System (EMS) for Harbord Diggers Freshwater residential tenancies. Harbord Diggers has a long history dating back to the 1930s, and was recently refurbished in 2018. This included the addition of a number of residential units. Nube iO’s EMS solution was implemented for bill apportioning for sub-tenancy HVAC operation. The solution was required to extract data from the existing Niagara BMS.

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Before the EMS, strata was paying the operation costs for the HVAC plant for sub tenancy HVAC operation. This facility had one centralised HVAC plant which is used to heat and cool all apartments, as well as ventilate the car park, the main club and other facilities. The costs of running 170 tenancies AC began to cost more than the expected amount included in strata fees. 

Harbord Diggers did not have visualisation and apportioning capabilities with their existing automation system to determine sub-tenancy usage. 


Nube iO integrated into the Niagara HVAC Building Management System (BMS) and mapped the data to create a web based Energy Management System (EMS). To collect the data from the site we installed the Niagara Haystack Extension and deployed a python script that uses the pyhaystack library. The data was then streamed from the site to our platform in the cloud.  Points were tagged and mapped using Haystack tagging. The use of haystack tags enables quick identification of assets which helps facilitate energy apportioning and sub-tenancy billing.


By implementing Nube iO’s EMS, the client was able to recoup HVAC operation costs by proportioning the thermal energy costs to the A/C run times of each of the 170 sub tenancies. The client is now able to check near-real time utilities consumption of each tenancy and facility on site. The dashboard presents all data in a user-friendly, graphic interface. 

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