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Our team at Nube iO has been investing in emerging technologies and developing new software and hardware platforms for an ever-changing world in building automation, remote asset monitoring, and equipment control for over ten years.

Nube iO was developed by a system integrator company based out of Australia, founded by some of the most sought-after building automation and IoT specialists in the country. As an integrator, we grew increasingly frustrated by traditional rigid BMS hardware and platforms that are slow to engineer and don’t keep up with emerging technologies. Our core development methodology is to deliver “Low Cost Data” through either extraction of data from an existing system or the implementation of low cost hardware/sensors to deliver the required data.

The objective of Nube iO is to produce a set of technologies which make Building Automation faster, easier, and cheaper - intuitive usability, increased sustainability, and hassle-free installation.

Simply put, Nube iO is a suite of hardware and complimentary software interfaces designed to reduce the costs and frustrations associated with a Building Management System. Using open-source wireless technologies, Nube iO enables the capture of data from the physical environment and the transfer of that data onto the cloud. This data can then be interpreted, providing valuable insights about a space or a building.

Through new technologies, such as long-range, low-power wireless data transfer, we intend to be a key supplier of building automation systems, technologies and platforms in the age of IoT.

We foresee a world where automation and built environment systems are fast, affordable and effective, delivering swift and insightful data about a space through an array of different sensing technologies.

We strive to achieve a new level of smarter and greener buildings, in every possible way. Automated building technologies shouldn’t be reserved for ivory towers. They should be achievable by everyone, be it a small or a large business. We aim to provide the benefits of integrated building technologies to all.