LoRa Wireless Asset Monitoring Sensor
low-cost, wireless hardware
Micro Edge
Smart Metering and Asset Monitoring

Nube iO’s wireless asset monitoring sensor is called the Micro Edge. This Internet of Things (IoT) device has been specifically designed for low cost monitoring and collecting of data from machine and asset usage. One of the key benefits of the Micro Edge is that is can be placed outdoors or in areas with limited access. For example, if you had a water meter 100m away from your facility that is not connected to a BMS, you could simply install a Micro Edge device to read this information and integrate it into your local or cloud server.

Data is pushed as often as every minute via LoRa transmission. The device can be installed quickly and easily, removing time and cost frustrations associated with wiring legacy BMS systems.

wireless lora transmission

2km Range

Fast Install

7+ Year Lifespan

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Key Features
Key Features
  • 1x pulse input for and accumulation of the pulse count for a water or electrical meter
  • 3 x universal inputs
  • Transmission range: 2km line of sight or 100m in a dense environment
  • Power: Battery powered using 3x AA batteries
  • Transmission protocol: LoRa transmission (868/915Mhz)
  • Life span: 7-10 years dependent on push rate and environmental conditions
  • Supported Frequencies: 868/915Mhz
  • Temperature and 0-10V DC sensor monitoring
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Key Uses
  • Remotely monitor water meters to determine water usage
  • Install a micro edge into each sub-tenancy of a retail building to apportion water bills
  • Pull data points from a BMS
  • Remotely monitor data from a 3rd party asset or sensor
  • Using a temperature probe, determine HVAC status
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Why LoRa

LoRa is a low-power, long-range wireless technology designed for the Internet of Things. It is less affected by buildings and other obstructions than regular WiFi, with one gateway generally being able to provide coverage for a 70x70m 3-story building.

Distance vs. Power Consumption

Considering LoRa transmission messages are very small, around 50 bytes, less power is required than say to make a phone call or upload a photo. Using LoRa, our sensors can achieve a 5+ year battery life when pushing data once a day. Alternatives either cannot transmit the required distance, or are too costly to do so.

Indoor Network Coverage

LoRa runs on a low radio frequency, which enables the transmission to penetrate common building obstacles such as furniture, walls, pipes and even concrete. Our LoRa Raw devices can transmit around 100m in a commercial building, which is impressive considering the weaker penetration of WiFi.

Active & Open Community

The LoRa community is very active and open, comprising of companies and individuals who are further developing LoRa and LoRaWAN. Because of this, the technology is constantly improving and there is lots of available support online and through forums. This is different from legacy, proprietary software.