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Meet Nube iO

Meet Nube iO

Who are we?

Nube iO is an emerging IoT technology company that has developed new software and hardware platforms for an ever-changing world. The company was born out of a system integrator company called Enviro Building Services, which specialises in Building Management Systems (BMS).


Current automation products available are not cost effective for small buildings, not multisite friendly, not economic to install and not built on current technology. Nube iO began research in 2014 to change this. In 2015, we began designing our technology before testing in 2016. In 2017, we implemented our technology into a number of companies, and we continue to grow today. Our technology is affordable, fast to install and configure, and is suitable for all building types and sizes. Our core business beliefs consist of delivering quality products and services to our consumers, and to provide low-cost data through use of our technology.


Core products

Our company name reflects our core product, where ‘Nube’ refers to the cloud, and ‘iO’ refers to inputs and outputs. Simply put, Nube iO is a suite of hardware and complimentary software interfaces designed to reduce the costs and frustrations associated with a Building Management System (BMS) install. Using open-source and wireless technologies, Nube iO enables the capture of data from the physical environment and the transfer of that data into the cloud. From there, this data can then be interpreted so valuable information can be gathered about a space or building.


Currently, we have two key pieces of hardware with a complimentary software interface.


Nube Edge iO

The Edge iO is a multipurpose Input/Output building controller built on Linux, which is highly configurable, 100% open and supports a wide variety of data structures. The Edge also exhibits a built in web interface with flow based programming.





The Droplet is a wireless and battery-operated environment IoT sensor, built to solve the problem of wanting multiple points of data capture with minimal time for install and wiring. The Droplet utilises LoRa Wireless technology to transfer data to a receiver which then pushes the data into the cloud. Data which can be collected includes:

  •       Temperature
  •       Humidity
  •       Pressure
  •       Device Motion and Orientation
  •       People Counting
  •       Movement Detection
  •       Light Levels
  •       CO2



Nube iO Dashboard

Nube iO hardware can be connected to the Nube-iO dashboard; a modern, customizable and web-browser based user interface to view the status of multiple buildings sites.




The Dashboard interface is entirely configurable to your needs, features rich animations, and is re-skinnable for different organisations. Because it is on the web, there is no software to install or configure, it’s accessible everywhere and never needs to be updated. The dashboard features configurable alerts, mechanical statuses, location based map overview and support for any number of buildings or devices.


Who do we work with?



Recently Nube iO began working with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA). A combination of Droplet sensors and Edge iO devices were installed into a number of branches for HVAC automation and analytics, as well as environment monitoring. The devices are also used to monitor the amount of waste in bins so they are only collected if they are full. This in turn saves CBA in associated logistics and transportation costs. 




Nube iO Westpac and installed Droplet and Edge iO devices into a number of Westpac branches. This allowed the company to monitor hydraulic consumption and power consumption through the dashboard.



Project with UOW

Provision of Droplet sensors into rooms at UOW. The Droplet sensors will allow for wireless environment monitoring.


Fujitsu Data Centres

Droplet sensors and Edge iO devices were installed at Fujitsu facilities to monitor the data about the environment, such as temperature, humidity, movement detection and light levels.



Nube iO has rapidly developed as a company, and we are eager to continue to grow and expand our services across Australia and into global markets. We are looking to engage with energy solution providers, property portfolio managers, building service providers, industry specialists and members of the agriculture and transport industries. Over the next year, we hope to continue to help even more businesses monitor their energy consumption, and continue to develop our technology to be more user friendly and efficient.  





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