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People Counting Now Available Through Nube iO

People Counting Now Available Through Nube iO

People counting is by no means a new concept. Smart buildings have used people counting for years across a range of applications; such as determining conversion rates in retail stores, staff tracking in businesses or recording high traffic areas. However, this software is generally very expensive and difficult to install, meaning it can’t be used on a large scale.

Nube iO has recently developed new people counting software as part of our end-to-end smart buildings solution. The software is both cost effective and easy to deploy. Using a camera similar to what is found in phones, the sensor captures images periodically and uses machine-learning to analyze the images to determine how many people it can ‘see’.

This solution uses a low-power ARM single-board computer which can be set up anywhere and is processed locally, then the results are transmitted over LoRa.  As data is processed locally on the device, the image does not need to be uploaded anywhere. This allows wireless protocols like LoRa to be used to transmit the counting data.

Not only can the technology count people, it can also recognise inanimate objects such as a TV or pot plant,  or even count product stock in a warehouse.

So what can people counting software do for you?

  • Reduce labour costs for counting objects such as stock or people
  • Help understand occupancy levels to make decisions about building environments
  • Support data analytics for room occupancy and foot traffic
  • Record attendance rates at events


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