Our Clients
Facility Managers

First and foremost, Nube iO provides a low-cost, modern IoT building automation solution for facility managers. Facility managers have traditionally been faced with the burden of engaging multiple vendors and technologies to create one automation solution. In smaller buildings, these frustrations are intensified as very few solutions are economic for smaller sites.

Nube iO believes automated building technologies shouldn’t be reserved for ivory towers. They should be achievable by everyone, be it a small or a large business. We aim to provide the benefits of integrated building technologies to all. Our IoT building automation solution uses modern, wireless technologies to provide a low-cost and efficient alternative to legacy systems.


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Facility Managers
End-to-end solution, only work with 1 vendor
Remotely visualise and control all buildings and assets
Optimise HVAC and lighting use
Reduce overall energy and utility consumption
First low-cost solution for large portfolio of small sites
Types of Portfolios & Sites

- Remote visualisation of sites
- Asset and equipment optimisation
- Fault detection to reduce service calls
- Monitor after hours entry

Fast Food Chains

- Check equipment status and efficiency
- Monitor fridge temperatures
- Monitor HVAC status
- Reduce trade call outs

Service Stations

- Monitor HVAC condition
- Monitor air compressor condition
- Fault detection for faulty equipment
- Remotely diagnose issues immediately


- Check equipment status and efficiency
- Leak detection for refrigeration
- Monitor movement and facility usage
- Monitor water and electrical meters

Shopping Centres

- Apportion tenant utility usage
- Reduce overall utility use
- Remotely diagnose equipment faults
- Meet NABERS and Greenstar

Big Box

- Reduce utilities costs
- Fault detection for HVAC and lighting
- Monitor environmental conditions
- Remotely diagnose issues

Building Service Providers
Systems Integrators, Mechanical Contractors, Maintenance Contractors

Nube iO provides an IoT solution for building service providers, who are approached by facility managers to provide automation solutions. Building service providers have traditionally had to combine many solutions to provide one system to the client, a difficult task considering proprietary software, poor integration and expensive cabling have become industry standards.

Nube iO provides a modern, web-based & IoT solution to remove the frustrations with legacy systems. Wireless hardware, web-based software, cloud reporting and simple installation are just some of the benefits for building service providers. By providing a solution for small buildings, Nube iO creates more opportunities for service providers to move into the small commercial building market.


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Benefits of IoT over Legacy Systems For service providers
Wireless Technologies
Devices communicate wirelessly to a gateway or directly to the cloud.
Nube iO’s controller can integrate with existing BMS or become the new BMS.
Fast & Cheap Installation
Pre-commissioned hardware and no cables means installation costs are reduced
Remote Control
Remotely diagnose problems to save on trade service calls and monitor assets.
Web-based software
Never download software. All data is available online.
API Cloud Integration
Our cloud API means we can integrate with 3rd party cloud solutions and software.
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Analytics Providers
Installation & Commissioning

Analytics providers are skilled at making decisions about buildings using complex data retrieved from assets and devices on site. However, there are two main barriers restricting analytics providers performing their role.

The first is data extraction from the building. Analytics providers generally don’t supply hardware to extract building data, forcing them to rely on existing building infrastructure. Many of these systems use proprietary software, are offline, don’t export data in the right form or there is simply no BMS on site. In these cases, Nube iO integrates with existing BMS or deploys our own low-cost IoT solution to capture building data and send it to the analytics provider in their preferred form.

The second is two-way control. Even if analytics providers can pull data from the site and make decisions, pushing results back into buildings is not always possible. Using Nube iO’s Edge iO 28 Controller, analytics platforms can achieve remote control of building equipment.

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Benefits of using Nube iO for analytics providers
End-to-end vendor
Nube iO provides the hardware, software, connectivity and VPN. This means we collect and transport the data to you with no other vendors involved.
Integrate with Nube iO’s cloud services and Edge iO controller using cloud or device API to perform two-way control and utilise Nube iO’s visualisation software.
IoT ready, web-based solution
Nube iO’s solution is web-based and designed for cloud processing. This is different from legacy systems which have proprietary, outdated software and local systems.
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