Dashboard and Visualisation
Cloud-based visualisation & remote control
Portfolio Management
Remotely monitor your entire asset portfolio

Nube iO hardware can be connected to the Nube iO dashboard – a user-friendly, fully customisable web-based interface. Featuring rich animations and multiple skin designs, it can be personalised to your organisation’s brand specifications.

There is no software to install, configure, or update. Access it from anywhere, using any browser and device. The dashboard comes with configurable alerts, mechanical statuses, location-based map overview, and support for any number of buildings or devices.

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Key Features
  • Log into multiple buildings across a large geographical area from one remote login
  • Access your data on your phone, laptop or tablet with no software to install
  • Fully customisable with multiple skin designs
  • Utilise the map view to monitor various sites
  • Generate weekly and monthly reports
  • Analyse data using a highly visual dashboard
  • Stay on top of the BMS performance with daily updates and alerts
  • Scheduling & trending
Why Our Platform?

Nube iO’s dashboard provides facility managers with the tools to optimise their buildings and remotely manage their entire portfolio.

Reduce Trade Service Calls

Using fault detection, the dashboard will send alerts if equipment is compromised and diagnose the problem. This helps facility managers reduce trade service call outs.

Reduce Utility Costs

Track where you are spending the most to reduce utilities costs. By integrating all building data into one location, optimise buildings and increase economic performance.

Improve Building Comfort Conditions

Making building environments comfortable improves employee productivity. Using advanced software, make your buildings more comfortable without increasing operation costs.

Take the Tour

Here’s a video tour of a dashboard we created for a trade show.

  • Map view
  • Scheduling and trending
  • Alerts
  • Fault detection
  • Monitoring environmental features of temperature, humidity, light and motion
  • Monitoring and control of HVAC
  • Monitoring asset usage