Critical Environment Monitoring for ATS
Case Study
Nube iO brings IoT to Sports Science

Nube iO recently provisioned the latest installment of devices for Altitude Training Systems (ATS). 

ATS provides altitude training in simulated environments to help athletes improve cardiorespiratory endurance to increase muscular strength, aerobic performance and oxygen utilisation. This is achieved through simulated critical environments, with equipment supplied through Pulford Air and Gas. 

Nube iO is the controls and dashboard solutions partner for ATS equipment internationally, with over 100 locations currently being monitored. This relationship involves monitoring and controlling of ATS air compressors and hypoxic systems. These devices are used to manipulate room air quality, as well as O2 and nitrogen levels to simulate high altitude. 

Problem Overview:

ATS required a highly reliable and consistent solution to ensure simulated environments were safe and effective for athletes. 

  • The existing BMS solution used legacy software which required a niche field of BMS technicians for any product support 
  • Remote PC’s updating incorrectly 
  • Unable to remotely monitor mechanical equipment on site
  • Unable to remotely connect and repair or service software 
  • Expensive existing solution
  • Not able to monitor all sites through one single log in 


  • Halved the physical size of the hardware solution employing Nube iO 
  • Through the Nube iO dashboard, all assets can be monitored 
  • Web-based connectivity, removing the need for a local PC
  • Mass deploy software updates 
  • Utilise fault detection and provide real-time remote diagnostics and servicing
  • Reduces costs for technical servicing and maintenance, making the solution more accessible to a broader range of skill sets

Nube iO deployed Edge iO 28 Controllers that are used to:

  • Collect data from environmental sensors
  • Integrate with and control air compressors and hypoxic system
  • Provide an entry point into the building
  • Enables remote web-based monitoring and control of equipment 
  • Connects building assets to the cloud
ATS Overview


Nube iO’s solution for ATS has enabled web-based and remote monitoring and control of mechanical equipment. ATS can now effectively and efficiently manage all sites globally, with no need for local network access. A wider talent-pool of technicians are able to use the solution, making support easier and affordable. ATS also has their own customised web-based dashboard, which is used to remotely monitor and control assets, as well as provide fault detection and alerting.