Data As A Service
Low-cost data extraction and visualisation
Data As A Service
Low-cost data extraction and visualisation

Integrating all building assets into one solution and accessing this data is a common frustration among facility managers. This is even more challenging when automation solutions are proprietary, or lack integration capabilities with other solutions.

Nube iO recognises these frustrations and provides ‘data as a service’ to combat this issue. Using modern hardware and software, Nube iO is able to extract data from existing systems and transport that data to the clients choice of destination. This may be their own Nube iO dashboard, another 3rd party analytics platform, a local EMS or any other database. We remain agnostic and non-proprietary, working with other vendors as required by the client.

what does 'data as a service' with nube iO get you?
Data flow
Data flow from the origin source (building) to destination source (cloud, local server, database).
Nube iO’s API allows authorised 3rd parties to access data and allows us to pull data from other platforms.
Access to and management of Nube iO’s VPN. We ensure this VPN is always active.
Data Hosting
Ensure your data is secure and easily accessible in the Nube iO cloud. Cold storage allows for virtually unlimited data storage.
Data Integrity
Maintaining data integrity and data transfer service from the Edge iO to the Nube iO Cloud.
Nube iO Dashboard
Data as a Service provides you with access to your own Nube iO dashboard visualisation tool to monitor and control your assets.
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Onsite Integration & Extraction
Collection of data on-site and extraction out of the building

A typical commercial building will have a variety of BMS equipment and building assets. Nube iO specialises in integrating all these systems together into the one solution. Our Edge iO 28 Controller speaks a number of protocols and can communicate with most common BMS hardware. Once data is aggregated, the controller sends this data to any destination required by the client. Key integration applications include:

  • Extracting data from a redundant or offline BMS
  • Integrating new hardware into an existing 3rd party dashboard
  • Integrating 3rd party security or Zip hot water software into one dashboard
  • Integrating wireless devices into the solution
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VPN and Connectivity
Data path between the building and cloud

Over recent years, the volume of cloud and hardware applications available has increased significantly. However, many of these applications only offer one component of the end-to-end solution. Whilst single product offerings may sound more attractive initially, compatibility with 3rd party products can cause problems for clients.

Nube iO removes these concerns by managing the middle ground between the building and the cloud, offering flexibility and custom solutions for each use case. We supply our own 4G sim cards, and VPN management is included as part of our data as a service package. Some more common extraction cases are:

  • Use 4G connectivity to push data from site to cloud
  • Use an API in the Nube iO Cloud to make data available for 3rd party clouds
  • Use 4G connectivity and 3rd party VPN to push data directly to 3rd party cloud
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Cloud Visualisation
Remotely access all data in visual displays

Data as a Service provides you with unique access to the Nube iO Dashboard, a user-friendly, fully customisable web-based interface. Featuring rich animations and multiple skin designs, it can be personalised to your organisation’s brand specifications.

There is no software to install, configure, or update. Access it from anywhere, using any browser and device. The dashboard comes with configurable alerts, mechanical statuses, location-based map overview, and support for any number of buildings or devices. Through the Nube iO Dashboard you can:

  • Remotely monitor and control assets
  • Schedule times for assets to turn on, off, change set points etc.
  • Configurable alerting
  • Graphing and trending
  • Mechanical statuses
  • Location-based map overview
  • Support for any number of buildings or devices
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