Figtree Grove Shopping Centre
Case Study
Water Meter Monitoring For Figtree Grove Shopping Centre

Nube iO recently deployed our new wireless LoRa Micro Edge sensors into Figtree Grove Shopping Centre.


Figtree Grove has multiple small tenancies within a larger shopping mall that use varying levels of water. Their existing BMS provided a limited understanding of water usage specific to each premises. Moreover, many of the water meters are located in very hard to access locations, making monitoring and maintenance more difficult. The sub-tenancies were spread over a relatively large area, meaning a wired solution was not feasible.


Nube iO deployed wireless Lora Micro Edge devices for each water meter to record asset usage. Due to the exceptional penetration and transmission range of these LoRa devices, all 30 wireless devices were able to reach the one gateway and controller. Using a secure and private 4G connection, the meter data is transmitted to the cloud for further processing.

This data is then displayed in the Nube iO Dashboard, a web-based analytics platform which visualises asset usage for each tenancy. The facility manager is then able to proportion water consumption costs.

  • Web-based login with multi-level access
  • Fault detection and alerting for abnormal usages
  • Sub-tenancy water consumption visualised in graphic tables and charts

The Micro Edge was selected as it has been specifically designed for low cost monitoring and collecting of data from machine and asset usage. This makes it ideal for deployment in buildings with sub-tenancies such as shopping malls, apartments or commercial buildings.

The battery-powered device has one pulse input for accumulation of the pulse count for a water or electrical meter, as well as 3 universal inputs for use of CT or sensor monitoring. All collected data is then sent via LoRa transmission to the receiver.


  • Web-based monitoring of water meters with hourly updates
  • Multi-level user login
  • The client can identify sub-tenancy water usage, which is used to apportion utility bills. This means strata no longer covers additional costs




  • Reduced installation cost: Deploying a wireless solution is roughly 1/2 of the cost of a traditional wired solution 
  • Apportioning of bills/ reduced utility costs: Tenant pays for their actual consumption
  • Leak detection & analytics: generate alerts for abnormal use or high usage to prevent flooding and reduce bills
  • Remote visualisation: FM’s can remotely login and view each sites usage in near real-time
  • Platform to build on: Once this core infrastructure is implemented there are opportunities for many other types of data aggregation, monitoring and control such as space utilisation, HVAC optimisation, lighting optimisation and more.