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Industries We Serve

Building performance is a concern among facility managers in all industries, especially for those who manage many small sites with few available solutions to support them. Nube iO has developed strong solutions in many industries to help businesses reduce their building operation costs, reduce trade servicing costs and improve building efficiency. Here are some of the solutions we offer for different industries.

Commercial real Estate
Seamless portfolio management

Nube iO works with commercial real estate groups to help integrate their buildings into one automation solution, and manage their distributed building data.

Integrate all assets into one solution
Reduce building operation costs & increase building efficiency
Introduce new wireless technologies into existing solutions
Install automation hardware for retrofit applications without damage to building infrastructure
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Optimise campus building performance

Key building concerns for universities and schools include utilities usage, security and occupant comfort. Nube iO works with education building managers to ensure buildings are running efficiently and occupants are happy.

View all campus buildings in one web-based dashboard
Remotely monitor and control HVAC and lighting systems
Integrate 3rd party security and BMS systems
Reduce utilities costs through building optimisation
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Integrated portfolio management

Retail environments host many different smaller tenants in one location. Nube iO’s wireless and low-cost hardware opens opportunities for retail building managers to better understand sub-tenancy utility usage. Larger retail chains benefit from remote visualisation of each site, reporting and trends.

Fast Food Chains
Shopping Malls
Banks & Offices
manage critical environments

Hospital and medical facilities are critical environments that need to be maintained for the well being of their occupants. Nube iO works with managers of these facilities to ensure equipment and building environments are operating efficiently and consistently.

Monitor critical infrastructure such as fridges
Maintain comfortable environment conditions
Receive alerts for faulty equipment or change in conditions
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Manage sub-tenancy utility usage

Although the Nube iO solution is not a ‘smart home’ solution, it can be used by building managers of larger sites that are occupied by a number of residents. Often commercial buildings such as hotels will have a number of levels dedicated to residents. Many residential apartment buildings are not set up for remote control and visibility.

Remotely visualise your building’s utility usage
Apportion utilities costs to individual residents
Introduce new wireless technologies into existing solutions
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Monitor remote communication towers

Telecommunication towers are often located in remote, hard to access areas with limited remote visibility. Using Nube iO’s remote monitoring solution, asset managers can remotely diagnose problems, monitor equipment status and maintain equipment uptime.

Reduce trade service call outs by remotely diagnosing issues
Remotely monitor and control assets
Maintain equipment up-time with remote diagnosis
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Portfolio management for federal, state and local governments

Government buildings are distributed across Australia varying in size and complexity. For example, office buildings, council buildings and assets, retail outlets as well as remote sites. Nube iO’s solution extracts this data from urban and remote sites and makes it available in the cloud for remote monitoring and control. This solution can be utilised by local, state and federal governments.

Office & Commercial Buildings
Community pool & facilities
Occupancy of Public Areas
Fault Detection for Remote Assets
Data Centres
Manage sub-tenancy utility usage

Data centres maintain critical infrastructure and conditions therefore need to remain stable. Nube iO provides wireless monitoring of these environments, producing a heat map of data centre rooms. Alerts are generated if temperature thresholds are exceeded.

Remotely understand what is happening inside data centres
Maintain Equipment up time and performance
Receive alerts for abnormal conditions
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