Hardware Services
low-cost, wireless hardware
Hardware Services

Nube iO’s hardware range was designed to provide an economical building automation solution for small to medium sized buildings. Currently, many legacy building automation solutions exist which are engineered for large, complex buildings. These solutions are predominantly wired and use traditional BMS software. Large commercial buildings are designed to accommodate wired solutions, and produce enormous amounts of data which simply cannot be processed affordably using wireless IoT solutions.

HOWEVER, small buildings actually make up 60% of all commercial buildings. These buildings may only have a small number of meters, one HVAC and lighting system and a handful of rooms to monitor environmental conditions. On this scale, performing a wired deployment is simply not economic, especially for retrofit projects.

Managing small buildings without remote visualisation and control becomes increasingly complex for large portfolios. Thus, Nube iO has created a suite of hardware that is designed specifically for this use case.

Automated building technologies shouldn’t be reserved for ivory towers. They should be achievable by everyone, be it a small or a large business. We aim to provide the benefits of integrated building technologies to all. Outdated, expensive and complex automation systems are now a thing of the past.

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Building Management System (BMS)

Nube iO’s hardware is a cost effective, wireless and IoT enabled building management system (BMS) for small buildings. Our non-proprietary solution is also interoperable with existing BMS equipment. Here are the key functions of a Nube iO BMS:

  • Integrates with existing BMS or becomes the BMS
  • End-to-end solution with visualisation
  • Wireless LoRa environmental sensors monitor temperature, humidity, light and motion of each room
  • Wireless asset monitoring devices
  • 28 IO controller, which controls assets, aggregates data and sends data to a local server or cloud
  • Remote login
  • Remote control 
  • IoT devices
  • Modern, web-based software
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Wireless Sensing
Collect environment data without damaging buildings

Nube iO wireless sensors can be fixed to walls using screws, double sided tape or velcro in a matter of minutes. No lengthy wiring or damage to building infrastructure is required. Sensors can range around 100m depending on obstructions.

Our wireless sensors can be used in a Nube iO solution or integrated into an existing BMS solution. Moreover, data from a wireless sensing application can also be delivered to a 3rd party analytics provider. Key wireless sensing applications include:

  • Track occupancy
  • Know when people enter your building after hours
  • Monitor after hours cleaning contracts
  • Record temperature and humidity in critical environments
  • Use temperature or lux data to turn HVAC and lighting systems on and off
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Wireless Asset Monitoring
Read data from assets and meters

The Micro Edge has been specifically designed for low cost monitoring and collecting of data from machine and asset usage. Simply connect the device to your asset and data will be presented in the cloud-based dashboard for your review. Key applications include:

  • Water meter and electrical meter monitoring
    • Utility bill validation
    • Sub-tenancy apportioning in residential buildings or commercial spaces
    • Monitor trends in water or electricity usage
    • Meet Greenstar or Nabers compliance
  • Extracting data from a 3rd party sensor, such as a CO2 sensor
  • Extracting data from mechanical equipment, such as reading a HVAC status
  • Reading low-level points from an existing BMS
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