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Droplet LoRa Multi Sensor - DL-THLM

Droplet LoRa Multi Sensor - DL-THLM

Droplet LoRa Multi Sensor - DL-THLM

The droplet is a LoRa-enabled battery-operated environmental sensor, built to address the problem of wanting multiple points of data capture with minimal time for install and wiring. LoRa wireless technology requires less power and is more reliable in communicating information to the receiver than regular WiFi.
Nube droplets can be easily installed on any surface to collect multiple data points. The receiver, in turn, aggregates, interprets, and then sends this information over to a local server or the cloud.
LoRa is a low-power, long-range wireless technology designed for the Internet of Things. It is less affected by buildings and other obstructions than regular WiFi, with one gateway generally being able to provide coverage for a 70x70m, 3-story building.
Sensing bulbs included in the multi sensor D-LR-THLM are;
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • PIR
  • Lux

    Power Options and Requirements:


    3x AA Batteries

    LoRa Capabilities:

    Supported Frequencies             


    Spreading Factor



    7.8 - 500 kHz

    Effective Bitrate

    .018 - 37.5 kbps

    Est. Sensitivity

    -111 to -148 dBm

    Sensor Specifications:

    Temperature Sensor                                                                                      

    @25°C ± 0.5°C, from 0...65°C ±1°C

    Humidity Sensor

    -40°C -> 85°C, Resolution .008 %RH

    PIR Sensor

    Detection Distance 5. Example Coverage for ceiling mounted scenario:  

    Light Sensor

    Range of 1 - 65535lx

    Power Specifications:                                               


    3x AA (Alkaline, non-rechargeable)

    Life Span

    Dependant on push rate and environment conditions, from 3-5 Years.


    86 mm                                                                             


    86 mm


    25.5 mm

    Material Type

    Plastic (ABS)

    UL Rating


    IP Rating


      Model Name and Definition



    LoRa RAW wall mount sensor. Temp, Humidity



    LoRa WAN wall mount sensor. Temp, Humidity, Lux. PIR



    LoRa WAN wall mount sensor. Temp, Humidity, Lux.



    LoRa WAN wall mount sensor. Temp, Humidity

    Droplet LoRa Multi Sensor

    The Best Environmental Sensor on the Market.

    Droplet LoRa Multi Sensor - DL-THLM
    • Wireless

      Cordless sensors means less time and reduced costs for instillation.

    • Interoperable with existing systems

      Nube iO hardware and software is interoperable with existing BMS. 

    • Monitors Many Features

      Droplet Sensors can monitor up to 7 features, such as temperature, humidity, motion, pressure, orientation, people counting, light and CO2. 

    • Powerful Battery Life

      The Droplet Sensor has a 5 year battery life. 

    Product Specifications

    • Scalable

      Droplet sensors can be installed into buildings of any size. The scalability of the platform makes it economical regardless of the size of your system.

    • Affordable

      Nube iO allows you to break free from restrictive, traditional BMS platforms without the huge cost of having to replace existing automation hardware.

    • Easy to Install

      Droplet sensors are easily installed with a few screws or velcro. 

    • Remote-Access

      All software from the Droplet is accessible through Nube iO's web-based dashboard, which is available on every device. 

      The interface is fully customisable to your needs, featuring rich animations, configurable alerts, mechanical statuses, location based map overview, and support for any number of buildings or devices. You can manage it on-the-go, always staying on top of your buildings’ performance.