Why Rubix IO?
Low-Cost IO and Wireless Comms.

Rubix IO is a series of low-cost IO modules that can communicate wirelessly, removing the frustrations of cabling in legacy automation solutions.

  • Integrate into any BMS
  • Receive 1x wireless signal for wireless sensors
  • Convert Modbus & BACnet to wireless
  • Wireless transmission of up to 100 IO devices per gateway

Wireless or Wired Comms between Devices.

Set up as LoRaWAN remote IO module or RS485 IO Module.

wireless comms IoT gateway

modbus over lora

Convert Modbus & BACnet to Wireless to Control Assets With Ease.

HVAC controls.

Remote power and water meter monitoring.

Fast Install & low cost.

Plug & Play

Add extra modules for low-cost Comms and IO as required.

add IO over time

Integrate wireless IoT devices into an existing BMS System.

LoRa, LoRaWAN, Zigbee and More (some frequencies limited to OEM) integrated into existing systems via Modbus or BACnet.

The Specs

8 IO: 3 fixed UI, 1 fixed UO, 4x swappable


ABS Plastic

Digital Input

Dry Contact

Universal Inputs

0-5V DC, 0-10V DC, 10/20K Resistor


Power Supply: 24VAC +/- 3% or 24VDC +10%/-10%
Consumption 50 mA

Protection Level



112*65*56mm H/W/D

Communication Options (max 1 wireless)

LoRaWAN, Modbus, BACnet.

Universal Outputs

0-10V @ 50ma Max, 0V – 12V On-Off

Digital Output

0V – 12V On-Off

Device Guide

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