Nube iO Collaborates with the Smart Infrastructure Facility and Devika

Nube iO recently partnered with the University of Wollongong’s SMART Infrastructure Facility and Devika to produce a 3D virtual model of the digital living lab utilising Nube iO’s smart sensors. The collaboration involved installing 120 of our smart sensor Droplets into each room in the building, to monitor features of the built environment in real time such as temperature, humidity, light and motion. The droplet is a LoRa-enabled battery-operated environmental sensor, built to address the…

CBA Starts Work with Nube iO

Recently Nube iO began working with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA). A combination of Droplet sensors and Edge iO devices were installed into a number of branches for HVAC automation, as well as environment monitoring. The devices are also used to monitor the amount of waste in bins so they are only collected if they are full. This in turn saves CBA in associated logistics and transportation costs.