IoT Solutions For The Built Environment
Digitise Your Building Assets
Devices > Data > Decisions

Nube iO has created a smart building automation solution using IoT devices, web-based software and wireless technologies. This smart solution helps facility managers take control of their buildings, reduce utilities costs, improve efficiencies and reduce trade service call outs.

Put simply, we put devices in buildings, we take data from those devices, and then we make decisions that ensure buildings and assets function efficiently. Nube iO has taken the best parts of legacy systems and condensed them down into one low-cost, easily deployed, IoT-ready solution to remove the frustrations of traditional building automation.

Deploy low-cost, wireless hardware to monitor & control assets.
Data is aggregated and sent to a local or cloud server
Remotely control and make decisions about your smart buildings
Why Us?
Devices > Data > Decisions

Modern, IoT Solution

Smart building automation solution using Web-based software, cloud processing and wireless technologies

Reduce Building Costs

Reduce your building maintenance costs and trade servicing costs

Improve Building Conditions

Optimise your buildings to improve employee productivity

Remote Control

Control your building assets from anywhere in the world
More About Us
Tailored Solutions For Our Clients
Facility Managers
Our solution enables remote visualisation and control, fault detection and environment monitoring, helping facility managers reduce building costs and better manage portfolios.
Building Service Providers
Nube iO provides a wireless, low-cost, easily deployed BMS using modern, web-based technology. This provides a competitive alternative to legacy BMS systems.
Analytics Providers
Nube iO specialises in data extraction and transfer from the building to 3rd party analytics providers. Harnessing data from buildings has never been easier.