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Droplet LoRa Multi Sensor

Nube iO's Environmental Sensor.

Droplet LoRa Multi Sensor - DL-THLM
  • Wireless

    Cordless sensors means less time installing and reduced costs.

  • Monitors up to 4 features

    Monitor features such as temperature, humidity, light and motion. 

  • Powerful Battery Life

    The Droplet Sensor has a 5 year battery life. 

  • Interoperable with existing systems

    Nube iO hardware and software is interoperable with existing BMS. 

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Nube iO's Core Products

The Problem

Legacy Systems

Nube iO 


Legacy systems are not able to provide smart building services for affordable prices.

Cost Effective

Nube iO has developed a cost effective solution, utilising the latest technology. 

Difficult to Install and Transmit

Current systems have complicated installation processes, low throughput and poor transmission systems.

Wireless System

Nube iO sensors are wireless, using LoRa to achieve wide transmission distances with minimal impact from physical buildings. 

Wont Integrate

Legacy systems are often not compatible with existing building equipment, meaning some systems require replacement for automation. 


Nube iO’s solution is designed to be compatible with any existing equipment and other controllers on site, and can communicate over a range of network protocols.

Not Economic For Small Buildings

Legacy systems are not able to efficiently provide automation services for small buildings at affordable costs.

Scalable and Non-Restrictive 

The scalability of the Nube iO platform makes it economical regardless of the size of your system. 

Difficult to Monitor

Traditional systems often require updating and additional software, making monitoring and changes more difficult. 

100% Web-Based Interface 

Nube iO’s dashboard is 100% online and allows users to monitor multiple sites with ease. It does not require additional software and can be accessed on every device. 

Why Nube iO? 

Reduce Energy

Whether you need to meet building compliance or are wanting to reduce your environmental footprint, Nube iO is the smart buildings solution for you.


End-To-End Solution 

Nube iO provides the hardware, software, managed services, data connection and installation, reducing the burden on you to engage with multiple vendors.


Manage Your Service Costs

Our solution utilises machine learning and artificial intelligence to reduce maintenance costs, in turn reducing service calls and breakdowns. Nube iO can even provide fault detection on assets.

Reduce Costs

Improve Comfort Conditions

A suite of sensors provide data about built environments, which can be used to change features such as temperature, lighting or humidity. The Nube iO solution removes cost barriers to building optimisation.

Comfort Conditions

How We Achieve Results For Our Customers.  

Nube iO has incorporated a range of inspiring features to improve the way you manage your assets and buildings.

Device Twinning

Device Twinning

Keep your logic in sync with the cloud allowing changes to be made either at the device or in the cloud. 

Machine Learning

Machine Learning 

Nube iO can learn and make improvements to your assets or buildings for you. 

Mass Deployment

Mass Deployment

Simple mass updates across thousands of devices in one instance.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

AI allows Nube iO to make intelligent asset decisions based on the data collected.



Nube iO runs data through algorithms and determines specified asset outcomes.

Web-based flow programming

Web-Based Flow Programming

100% web based programming using Node Red.

Scalable Solution

Scalable Solution

Whether your portfolio has one building or many, Nube iO can provide an asset solution.

Edge Compute

Edge Compute

Nube iO is able to move server compute functionality from the cloud to your on site device.




Integrate Nube iO products with existing building management systems or 3rd party enterprise analytic partners.


Nube iO put together a low cost smart buildings package for 25 of our branches. The solution has helped us reduce electricity and has made monitoring and controlling our A/C in problematic branches significantly easier.

The team at Nube iO installed 120 LoRa sensors into the UOW Smart Infrastructure Facility. Their technology helped us monitor temperature, humidity, light and motion detection within the facility. In the future we hope to use the technology to map out occupancy patterns to further optimise energy usage.

We now have LoRa wireless environment sensing in our server rooms that integrates seamlessly into Niagara Framework. This has helped us to monitor the conditions of our rooms to make a more comfortable environment for our staff.