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Rubix Compute

This IoT multi-gateway will collect data from both wired and wireless devices. It will enable you to aggregate data from multiple sensors and send it anywhere – your cloud, a local server, or 3rd-party hardware.

Just a few of the benefits

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multiple configurations

Use it as a master, slave, or gateway device

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Integrate in your existing BMS

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Wireless communication

Wireless enabled comms: LoRa® & LoRaWAN®

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wireless receiver

LoRa® & LoRaWAN®

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HVAC controls

Use it as a native stand-alone HVAC and lighting control

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run multiple services

Run BACnet and LoRaWan®, MQTT at the same time

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send data anywhere

Be it a cloud, local server, or 3rd-party hardware

One Gateway. Multiple Data Types.

Rubix Compute is a one of a kind IoT gateway that aggregates all types of building data, removing the frustration of running multiple gateways in one solution.

  • Integrate into any BMS
  • Receive wireless signals
  • LoRa® & LoRaWAN®
  • Convert Modbus & BACnet to wireless

One Device. Multiple Configurations

RS485 – BACnet and Modbus configurations. Run as a master, slave or gateway to a 3rd-party device

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