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LoRa Environmental Sensor.


The Droplet is a LoRa® IoT sensor. It captures multiple points of data – temperature, humidity, lux, and motion monitoring – with minimal time required for installation and wiring.

Just a few of the benefits

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up to 10-year battery life

Simply install it and start collecting data

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Multiple data capture points

Temp, humidity, lux and motion monitoring

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up to 200m transmission (indoors)

A small device with powerful capabilities

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Lora wireless communication

Built based on LoRa® wireless protocol

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Easy to install

Attach to any surface. No wiring required

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100 Plus devices per gateway

Easily scale up or down

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Low power consumption

Drastically better than 4G, Wifi, or Bluetooth-based devices

More about the Droplet

Why Lora

LoRa® is a low-power, long-range wireless technology designed for the Internet of Things. It is less affected by buildings and other obstructions than regular WiFi, with one gateway generally being able to provide coverage for a 70x70m 3-story building.

LoRa® is expected to hold 75% of the IoT device market share soon. The LoRa® community is expanding rapidly, with many new contributions and developments occurring every day.

  • Significantly longer range than for Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Drastically lower power consumption than for Bluetooth, WiFi, or 4G
  • AES128 encryption
  • Excellent penetration through obstacles
  • Highly versatile application, which translates into easier integration


LoRa® capabilities

  • Supported Frequencies: 868/915Mhz
  • Spreading Factor 6-12
  • Bandwidth 7.8 – 500 kHz
  • Effective Bitrate .018 – 37.5 kbps
  • Est. Sensitivity -111 to -148 dBm

Sensor specifications

  • Temperature sensor: @25°C ± 0.5°C, from 0…65°C ±1°C
  • Humidity Sensor: -40°C -> 85°C, Resolution .008 %RH
  • Light Sensor: Range of 1 – 65535lx

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