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About Us

Our Company and Team Members

What we do

Nube iO is a manufacturer of BMS and IoT devices used to create true smart building solutions. These systems were developed in response to key industry issues such as shortage of low-cost solutions for small to medium sized buildings, outdated technology and limited wireless hardware that can integrate with legacy systems. Nube iO now provides a technology bridge that is cutting-edge IoT and seamless building automation integration.

Our solutions include hardware as well as complementary software and cloud dashboard. These solutions can be used as a standalone IoT solution, a standalone Building Management System (BMS) or integrated with existing equipment.

Our story

Our team at Nube iO has been investing in emerging technologies and developing new software and hardware platforms for an ever-changing world in building automation, remote asset monitoring, and equipment control for over fourteen years.

Nube iO was founded in Australia by a system integrator company with some of the most sought-after building automation and IoT specialists in the country. As an integrator, we grew increasingly frustrated by traditional rigid BMS hardware and platforms that are slow to engineer and don’t keep up with emerging technologies. Our core development methodology is to deliver ‘Low Cost Data’ through either extraction of data from an existing system or the implementation of low cost hardware/sensors to deliver the required data.


To Bridge The Gap Between IoT And Building Automation Technologies


To Make Building Automation Accessible For Everyone Through IoT

Our Team

Tom Fyfe, Chief Executive Officer

Tom comes to the business having seen the growth and opportunity as a client and the potential for the business to grow rapidly in the new Proptech environment. Tom’s skills in industrial manufacturing and building controls has proven successful with multiple small to medium business growth and acquisition opportunities. Tom’s leadership of this team will take the company to a new level of business sophistication and success, having just completed a successful growth and buyout of his previous business Pulford Air & Gas.

Aidan Pickard, CTO & Co-Founder

Aidan is one of the most reputable and sought-after automation developers within the Sydney Area. He has planned and developed multiple software platforms for building automation and smart cities. With over 15 years experience in HVAC and BMS industries, Aidan has a wealth of knowledge and skills that have enabled Nube iO to produce a modern, low-cost and disruptive suite of technologies. Aidan is now responsible for product development and leading the software and engineering teams.

Matthew Cady, COO & Co-Founder

Matthew is a successful business developer and entrepreneur who has founded four start-ups with co-founder, Aidan. Matthew has over 15 years experience in HVAC and BMS industries, having run a successful Systems Integrator company in NSW, Australia. This experience and knowledge has been instrumental in the development of Nube iO’s success. Today, Matt works as the Financial Director of Nube iO and is responsible for financial operations, allocating team budgets, strategic partnerships and investments.

jonathan hill

Jonathan Hill, IoT Deployment Manager

Jonathan has over 10 years experience in electrical and controls positions across various sectors, including mining, industrial and commercial building. Jonathan has experience in marquee projects and is now passionate about applying his industry experience to innovative IoT projects and new technologies. Currently at Nube iO, Jonathan oversees all project management including customising tailored IoT solutions for clients, commissioning projects and managing project deployments.

Marc Dallen, BMS Engineer

Marc has a BASc (Mechanical Engineering) from the University of Toronto andover 7 years working experience in BMS controls as an engineer, project manager and site technician. Marc’s strengths are in analytics and optimization of HVAC systems, with experience across many industries such as commercial, industrial, process control, medical, manufacturing and education. Marc is also experienced in computer programming in various languages for data processing, application development and embedded systems. Marc is now the product owner for the Rubix Wires software at Nube iO.