IoT ready. Building Automation Ready.
IoT gateway
Rubix Compute >
IoT Multi-gateway for wired and wireless data.
Rubix IO >
IO module for low-cost remote control.
Data Through Colour.
One Solution To Connect All Building Technologies.

Nube iO’s ‘Rubix’ is an industry first technology that combines IoT devices and legacy automation technology in one system.

Using web-based, modern technologies, Rubix allows users to injest many types of building data in one system.

  • Disruptive solution that bridges the gap between internet and traditional automation technologies
  • Wireless comms between devices
  • Low-cost data
  • 1 system for multiple data types

wireless comms for controls devices

Wireless Comms Between Control and Gateway Devices

Reduce Install Time and Cost.

Introduce new IoT devices to Older BMS Systems. Pull data out of an existing BMS.

Interoperable with legacy automation hardware.

Avoid replacing existing equipment by adding new wireless sensors and remote IO.

Send Your Data Anywhere.

Cloud, Local Server, 3rd Party Hardware.

Maintain control of your data.

Device Guide

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