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24-IO Controller.

Rubix IO-24

Rubix-IO-24 is a series of low-cost IO modules that can communicate wirelessly, ethernet or over wired RS-485. This means no more frustrations of cabling in legacy automation solutions. Monitor and control your HVAC, power, and water usage.

12 universal outputs, 12 universal inputs
capable of 0-10dc, 4-20ma, Digital, PT100 & 10K Temperature

NFC for commissioning via phone app


Coming end of year 2023.

Just a few of the benefits

Nube Icons-24

integrate into any bms

Easily add to your existing building management system via BACnet, modbus or LoRaWAN

Nube Icons-12

HVAC controls and remote metering

Use it as a native stand-alone HVAC and lighting control

Nube Icons-21

Lora wireless communication

LoRaWAN® enabled IO-Device
NFC for commissioning via phone app

Nube Icons-30

Universal Points

We support Universal Points, these points can be setup as either an input or an output with a market leading 24-Bit Inputs Resolution



Add extra IO modules to the Rubix-IO-24

Nube Icons-17


Add to any BMS system as a low cost Modbus-RTU/BACnet-MSTP Device

BMS Engineering Software.

Programmable Via Rubix-CE

IO Specs


  • 0-10dc
  • Digital
  • 4-20ma
  • 10k type 2 thermistor
  • PT100


  • 0-10dc
  • Digital (24ac or 24dc)
Universal IO: some point’s can be setup as either an input or an output with a market leading 24-Bit Inputs Resolution

Physical Specs

  • Mounting: Din Rail Enclosure
  • Size: 155*64*112mm L/H/W
  • Protection Level: IP40
  • Power Supply: 24VAC  or 24VDC 
  • Material: ABS Plastic


BACnet/IP & MSTP Device

LoRa & LoRaWAN Device

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